About Us

“Incapable of Ordinary”

 Welcome to Credenzio Studios, an officially licensed LLC in the United States of America, which has team members from all over the world. Operating primarily on the ROBLOX platform, we at Credenzio Studios embody everything about our motto, “Incapable of Ordinary”. At Credenzio Studios, we do not believe in the “cash grab”, but instead in making the most engaging, immersive, and beautiful games possible. We are fully committed to Kaizen (adaptability and quality) and Agile (efficiency and organization) work methodologies, which guide us in achieving the most efficient and creative products possible. Here at Credenzio Studios, we believe in honoring the consumer and making our product the best it can possibly be. We do not believe the most expedient path is the successful path; often if a project is rushed, it can produce the opposite result. I founded this company as a way to achieve the unachievable, and that is why we at Credenzio Studios are Incapable of Ordinary.

- Mithandir / Credenzio,
Director of Credenzio Studios


Lionhearts is the backbone and main project of Credenzio Studios. Initially, community building for this project began in 2009 with the founding of the ROBLOX Group “AC:EA.” In 2013, we officially declared “The Road Project,” formally dawning the beginning of what is now called “Lionhearts”. Eventually, The Road Project evolved into a home for many different historical Roblox Faction groups. After some time, we decided to transform the project into an official and massive RPG—the scale and quality of which has never been seen on the ROBLOX engine.

Status and Future Plans

 Currently, Lionhearts is in its public beta testing phase, and we will not wipe any data when we go into full release phase. We aspire for Lionhearts to have the most ambitious and quality game mechanics in any ROBLOX RPG to date. Alongside this goal, the size of Lionhearts’ world is already unparalleled; the game is currently home to 20 large-scale and well-detailed interconnected locations, with many more to come!

Game Premise and Player Experience

 Lionhearts takes place in the 12th century, during the historical conflict in the Holy Land. Opposing factions vie and contest control of Jerusalem, as they forge alliances and play the dangerous games of politics and war. Rival factions fight and try to gain an economic advantage over each other via the resource collection system and other progress measures, such as crafting and player experience points. Any faction’s territory can be captured by their opponents via massive in-game battles. You can decide which faction to join, or even opt to establish your own clan. Future updates will bring many exciting features including (but not limited to): farming, naval combat, player house decorations, unlockable outfits, and so much more!

Why Lionhearts?

 The two main factors that make Lionhearts different—and what will guarantee its results—is the no-quit attitude of its backing development team, as well as the constant feedback and activity from our wonderful community. Over the course of 10 years, Credenzio’s refusal to give up on this project is evidenced by his constant efforts to improve the game, both by cultivating its community and expanding its horizons. The game has seen many iterations since its inception, and Credenzio’s vision bolstered by the creativity, passion, and expertise of his team will consistently take the game to new heights.